Medication and your Appearance


Time to air some dirty laundry.  I have started having back problems over the past year, and if you ever think someone who complains of lower back pain is a baby, let me tell you it can be excruciating.  I’ve had 3 children and the recovery from those cesarians had nothing on bulging discs.  The problem is, I really had to take prescription meds because I couldn’t even walk for 3 days.  I couldn’t get myself in and out of the bath, and certainly couldn’t take care of my kids.  So medication #1.) painkiller.  On top of this, for my entire life, I’ve had trouble sleeping.  So medication #2.) sleep aid.  And even though I’ve had my tubes tied and don’t need birth control for child prevention, I’ve taken bc on and off for skin problems and terrible periods.  So medication #3.) birth control.

Why am I telling you this?  None of this is good for you, and when you are putting these things into your body, you can see it on your face.

1.) Pain killers, such as Hydrocodone (very widely prescribed for pain management).  When I have taken this drug, I  notice my eyes are bloodshot, my skin looks washed out, and I have dark circles.  I have also broken out more when I have taken it.  It dehydrates you, interrupts your sleep cycle, and does so many more things to your body.  It is BAD for you and for your quest for beauty!  If you do have to take it, quit as soon as possible.  It is also highly addictive.

2.) Sleep Aids, such as Ambien.  So what if you got a good night sleep, you look like crap and have a hangover.  Believe me, I love knowing I’m going to lie down and go right to sleep.  But it’s really not worth it.  I never look good after I’ve taken medication like this, and I don’t feel too peppy, either.

3.) Birth Control (for uses other than the obvious).  While birth control can help with acne and cramping, it is still an artificial way of balancing yourself, when in many cases you can do this with a holistic lifestyle.  Eating natural, raw foods and cutting out the chemicals is a great way to get your body working as nature intended.   It is natural to have some cramping and bloating when you are on your period.  It’s not fun, but it is normal.  Switching to a plant based diet, and cutting back on caffeine and refined sugar can really help with these inconveniences!

Of course, for the most part I no longer take pain meds, unless I have a really bad relapse with my back.  I have quit birth control, and I try to only take liquid melatonin when I need help sleeping.  When I do have to take medication, I am so sensitive to it, I can feel all the negative side affects.