Avocados: Keep it simple


Some may think that being vegan or vegetarian means eating bland green salads, or you may think it involves some sort of complicated culinary abilities you don’t have. While there are so many fantastic vegan recipes, some involving more skill than others, my favorite go to is simply the avocado. Last night for supper I had a friend’s homemade spicy salsa, 1/2 avocado, and corn chips. Plenty of calories for one meal, awesome vitamins and minerals in the avocado, and some bonus veggies in the salsa. While you may not want to eat an entire avocado everyday (they have good fats, but fat nonetheless), they’re so good and provide so many health and beauty goodies, on a healthy diet you could probably get by with half a small one every day. Just make sure you aren’t eating guacamole with added mayonnaise or other fattening additives! That is not a simple, healthy avocado. That’s 5 lbs. waiting to happen! Some of my other favorites avocado meals are:
-Avocado and sprouts on Ezikial English muffin for breakfast
-Avocado, vegan cheese shreds, beans, and lettuce on a corn tortilla
-Avocado on any veggie wrap or sandwich
-Add avocado in place of the dressings or fattening sauces at restaurants
All Moodiness,