More on macro…. Will it make you HOT or moody?


Found this and thought it was a VERY helpful guideline because it gives you foods you can eat, how often you can, what to avoid, and a sample menu. You can also find some info on this lifestyle and what it did for Alicia Silverstone in “The Kind Diet”. She started off vegetarian, but felt so much better and saw so many more results when she went even further. I know it may be extreme… But I do like the holistic approach and common sense part of this. And if it allows me to get off birth control (which I’m on for skin problems and other hormonal reasons) and sleep aides, and to regulate my body naturally, I’m willing to give it a try! Avoiding bananas… Well, I’m going to have to research that more because I love bananas :(. But, I know you are supposed to eat produce local to your region to gain maximum benefits. I would think you would have a different diet/ restrictions depending on your location. But here are the basics:

Some examples of the foods you should be including in your diet each day are:
Brown Rice
Whole Grains
Whole Wheat Berries
Miso or Shoyu Soup
Raw Vegetables
Cooked Beans

Some examples of foods you should be eating a few times per week or occasionally are:
Rolled Oats
Other Pasta
Baked Goods
Fresh, Locally Grown Fruits
Fish or Seafood
Seeds and Nuts

Some examples of foods you should avoid are:
Red Meat and Poultry
Dairy Products
Tropical Fruits

A Sample Menu
This sample menu will give you an idea of how your eating plan would look on the Macrobiotic diet.

Macrobiotic Tea with nothing added
Fresh baby carrots or cucumber slices
Wholegrain cereal with soy milk
One cup of Miso Soup
Wholegrain crisp bread
Garden salad
Macrobiotic Tea with nothing added
Brown Rice with winter squash
One cup of Miso or Shuyo soup
Fresh Cantaloupe
Bancha Tea

Optional Snacks
Baked apple
Handful of nuts
Slice of blueberry pie
Handful of berries
Helpful Hints
Changing your lifestyle to include the Macrobiotic diet plan should be done gradually, and you should discuss your plan with your doctor who can recommend a specific regimen. Choose something new to eliminate each week, until you have gradually made the complete change.
Remember to include only certain condiments. The Macrobiotic diet belief system includes the yin and yang philosophy. This boils down to balance. Pickles are one of the things that are believed to have a balancing effect so including these is okay. Processed foods should be avoided because of all the refined sugar content.
Chewing your food thoroughly and breathing deeply are also important elements of this lifestyle. Adapting to this lifestyle may be challenging, but the effort may be worth it. There has been some evidence that adhering to this lifestyle may be a cancer preventative.