Get Your Run On…


I love to run, but this hasn’t always been the case. I started running to train for a half marathon I did back in 2009, and from there fell in love with it. Now, will I ever run a marathon or anything like that again, HECK NO, I have no desire to do one again. That was basically a one time thing, check off on  my bucket list before I turned 30. But I do love the benefit’s of running and feel like it’s a total body blaster. Here is a fun treadmill work I do sometimes to change up my rountine. I love running both inside and out, but living in Texas the heat is a killer and the winters can be rough, so a treadmill is the next best thing!  Plus feel like on  treadmill you can push yourself more than you can outside.

Calorie and Butt Blaster Treadmill Workout:

Repeat this 4-5 times:

1 minute at 5.0

1 minute at 5.5

1 minute at 6.0

1 minute at 6.5

1 minute at 7.0

1 minute at 7.5

1 minute at 8.0

2 minutes

All Messiness, Stacie