Argan Oil…Take Me Away…


I am loving Argan Oil- I think it might be the best thing since Bubbly! Seriously, this is probably the best kept beauty secret- I am not sure why more people don’t drink this baby up! I started using this beauty about a year ago. My mom who is a crazed QVC shop-a-holic,  saw it on there one day and ordered us some. At first I was a little nervous about putting OIL straight on my face but I did and I have never looked back. I used to spend $400+ on all sorts of products for preventative care and since I have started using this, I have stopped using everything else. This baby does it all- daily moisturizer, great for your eyes to help prevent/correct wrinkles, use in hair to help split ends, helps nourish dry/cracked/flakey skin…amazing for your elbows and feet to cuticles! It’s so light, not what you would expect from oil.  It’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  I use Josie Maran’s products, which are all 100% organic and housed in recyclable glass bottles. She has an entire line of Argan Oil Products- I am literally OBSESSED with this stuff. Trust me- this product will change your life, ditching the Mess and keeping the HOTTNESS!  Check it out: 

Oh and while you are at it…pick up the Argan Illuminizer- its an ultra light skin brightner, with a little bronzer added to it. You can use alone or add to your foundation.

My daily makeup routine is simple- I put a few drops of Argan Oil in with my moisturizer ( which is SPF of 50) then apply a few drops of Argan Oil under my eyes – let it all soak in ( 5-10mins) then use the Argan Illuminizer, mascara, eye liner and a little bronzer/blush and I am out the door. It’s wonderful- easy weekend out the door look in minutes. When I need a little extra something, after I apply the Argan Illuminizer, I will then apply my Bare Essentials loose powder. Oh almost forgot lips- I use Smashbox lip gloss in Illume . There you go…simple as that!

All Messiness, Stacie